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Topic: Presentation Night 2015/16

Moderated By: ChrisL, a_j_scott
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Author Presentation Night 2015/16

Home away from home
Joined: 07-Nov-2009
Posts: 373
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-05-26 13:49

We have this in the diary as a provisional date of the 16th July at Rileys. We are looking for ideas and suggestions as to what you guys want?
Previous years we have had comedians, a DJ and Pool competitions / money matches.
It is your night, what would you like?! (Keep it clean please!!!)

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Home away from home
Joined: 14-Aug-2007
Posts: 846
From: aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-05-27 16:43

Decent beer for a change?

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Home away from home
Joined: 07-Nov-2009
Posts: 373
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-07-04 12:45

Winners list below. I seem to have misplaced the 3-Man team draw sheet. So I am looking for the 3rd and 4th places if anyone can remember?

Prize money will be added soon...

Event    2015-16 Winners
The White Horse Division 3 cup Runner up    White Horse A
The White Horse Division 3 cup    Saltoun Arms A
The White Horse Division 2 cup Runner up    Croft Tavern
The White Horse Division 2 cup    Locker Room Randoms
The White Horse Division one cup Runner up    Rileys Rumblers
The White Horse Division one cup    Murdo's A
The Abbie Jamieson memorial cup Runner up    Murdo's A
The Abbie Jamieson memorial cup    Bankhead Inn
Quaich Runner up    Bankhead Inn
Quich Winner    Murdo's A
League Cup Runner up    Bankhead Inn
League Cup Winner    Murdo's A
Aberdeen 3 Singles Semi Finalist    Denny Bruce
Aberdeen 3 Singles Semi Finalist    Raymond Kinnaird
Aberdeen 3 Singles Runner up    Joe Brown
Aberdeen 3 Singles Winner    Adam McKenzie
Aberdeen 2 Singles Semi Finalist    Lindsay Ahern
Aberdeen 2 Singles Semi Finalist    Richard Bruce
Aberdeen 2 Singles Runner up    Kevin Coutts
Aberdeen 2 Singles Winner    Ray Stuart
Aberdeen Division One Semi    Martin McIntosh
Aberdeen Division One Semi    Andy Gray
Aberdeen Division One Singles RU    Pat McCarron
Aberdeen Division One Singles Winner    Darren Matthew
Aberdeen 3man Team Semi finalist    McIntosh / McCallion / Hay
Aberdeen 3man Team Semi finalist    Falconer / Clark / Guyan
Aberdeen 3man Team Runners up    Scott / Gauld / Thomson
Aberdeen 3man Team Winners    Coutts / Fettes / Bruce
Aberdeen Pairs Semi    Fettes / Wilson
Aberdeen Pairs Semi    Bruce / Matthew
Aberdeen Pairs Runner up    Mitchell / Craig Snr
Aberdeen Pairs Winner    Falconer / Clark
Aberdeen Scotch Doubles Semi Finalists    Jessiman / Wardleworth
Aberdeen Scotch Doubles Semi Finalists    Anderson / Pitcher
Aberdeen Scotch Doubles Runners up    Ahern / Stuart
Aberdeen Scotch Doubles Winners    Guyan / Mitchell
Aberdeen Doubles Semi Finalists    Annal / Coutts
Aberdeen Doubles Semi Finalists    Reid / Wilson
Aberdeen Doubles Runners up    McAlley / Stuart
Aberdeen Doubles Winners    Hay / McIntosh
Aberdeen Senior Semi    George Morrison
Aberdeen Senior Semi    Craig Hay
Aberdeen Senior Runner Up    Ray Stuart
Aberdeen Senior Winner     Phil Craig Snr
Aberdeen Masters Semi finalist    Euan Jessiman
Aberdeen Masters Semi finalist    Kev McAlley
Aberdeen Masters Runner up    Mike Clark
Aberdeen Masters Winner    Richard Bruce
Aberdeen Singles Semi Finalist    Joe Brown
Aberdeen Singles Semi Finalist    Ray Stuart
Aberdeen Singles RU    Darren Matthew
Aberdeen Singles    Mike Clark
Aberdeen League Division 3 RU    Byron
Aberdeen League Division 3 Winners    Broadsword
Aberdeen league Division 2 RU    Locker Room
Aberdeen league Division 2 Winners    Bankhead Inn
Aberdeen League Division One RU    Riley's Allstars
Aberdeen League Division One Winners    Murdo's A
Aberdeen Ladies Runner Up    Janey Scott
Aberdeen Ladies Winner    Emma Raeburn
XSP Super League 1st     Darren Matthew
XSP Super League 2nd     Martin McIntosh
XSP Super League 3rd     Pat McCarron
XSP Super League 4th    Andy Reid
XSP Super League 5th     Simon Mitchell
XSP Super League 6th    Graeme Cusine
XSP Super League 7th     Dave Wardleworth
XSP Super League 8th    Phil Craig Snr
XSP Premier League 1st    Cammy Morrison
XSP Premier League 2nd    Kev McAlley
XSP Premier League 3rd    Nicky Duncan
XSP Premier League 4th    Paul Slorach
XSP Premier League 5th    John Falconer
XSP Premier League 6th    Norman Fettes
XSP Premier League 7th     Kev Coutts
XSP Premier League 8th    George Morrison
XSP Premier League 2 1st    Craig Hay
XSP Premier League 2 2nd    Tony McCallion
XSP Premier League 2 3rd    Alan Scott
XSP Premier League 2 4th    Keith Davidson
XSP Premier League 2 5th    Findlay Anderson
XSP Premier League 2 6th    Darren Smith
XSP Premier League 2 7th     Andy Pirie
XSP Premier League 2 8th    Jamie Ahern
XSP Championship A League 1st    Joe Brown
XSP Championship A League 2nd    Andrew Beattie
XSP Championship A League 3rd    Ian Elrick
XSP Championship A League 4th    Simon Whyte
XSP Championship A League 5th    Paul Anderson
XSP Championship B League 1st    Steven Christie
XSP Championship B League 2nd    Steven Fraser
XSP Championship B League 3rd    Tony Reynolds
XSP Championship B League 4th    Jeff Smith
XSP Championship B League 5th    Mike Durno
XSP Championship C League 1st    Ray Stuart
XSP Championship C League 2nd    Craig Birnie
XSP Championship C League 3rd    David Christie
XSP Championship C League 4th    Gary Prosser
XSP Championship C League 5th    Bob Bell
ADPL Div 3 Player of the Year    Andy Reid
ADPL Div 2 Player of the Year    Ray Stuart
ADPL Div 1 Player of the Year    Darren Matthew

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Home away from home
Joined: 14-Sep-2010
Posts: 228
From: Home

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-07-04 21:32

I was runner up up with craig hay b4 you ingrave the wrong name on trophy n pay out tony 😡

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Home away from home
Joined: 13-Oct-2004
Posts: 313
From: Portlethen

blank    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-07-04 21:37

Falconer/Clark / guyan was beating in the semis , not sure about other one,

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Home away from home
Joined: 15-Sep-2004
Posts: 4565
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-07-05 15:50

WHEN: Saturday 16th July 2016, 6 for 6.30pm
WHERE: Rileys, Bridge Place, Aberdeen
* Presentation of trophies and prize money for season 2015/16
* Race Night with Roy Ferguson ('Scotland's only full-time professional race night host')
* Hot and Cold Buffet
* Free pool at Rileys after the presentations are concluded
* 20% discount on all drinks for all those attending the End of Season Party courtesy of Rileys
COST: Entry is only 2 per person and is payable on arrival. Wristbands or stamps will be provided and must be produced at the bar to take advantage of the 20% off drinks offer and to take part in the race night. All ADPL members are welcome to attend including family and friends. All monies raised from entry fees and a small % from the race night will go towards funding the event.

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Home away from home
Joined: 15-Sep-2004
Posts: 4565
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-07-14 13:12

Following is a list of trophies and prize money for Season 2015/16 that will be handed out at the Presentation Night on Saturday. We would like to ask all prize winners if they can turn up and collect their trophies and especially prize money on the night.

If you cannot make it on Saturday if you could ask a team mate or friend to come along to the night and collect your winnings for you. We do not want to have to be chasing folk around after the date to hand them prize money so please make all efforts to support the night.

In terms of trophies we would prefer if all keepsake and perpetual trophies were either taken away on the night or else at the very latest within a week from Rileys who will keep them for only this time before unwanted keepsakes will be repurposed by the ADPL for junor events etc. Given that we lost 2 of our oldest trophies last year we will not allow any trophies to remain in Rileys longer than 1 week and will be checking up on where each trophy is for the year and that person will then be liable for its cost should it go missing.

From the list below you can work out if you will be due prize money, a perpetual or keepsake trophy on the night. If you notice any errors then let us know ASAP!

Event    2015-16 Winners    2015-16 Payout    Perpetual Trophy    Keepsake Trophies    
Last Year's Player of the Year Awards (which were not presented last year):            
2014/15 Division 3 Player of the Year    Kev Coutts    50    N    Y x 1
2014/15 Division 2 Player of the Year    Neil Sutherland    75    N    Y x 1
2014/15 Division 1 Player of the Year    Pat McCarron    150    N    Y x 1
Aberdeen & District Pool League Season 2015/16 Presentation            
XS Promotions Singles Leagues:                
XSP Championship A 5th    Paul Anderson    50    N    N
XSP Championship A 4th    Simon Whyte    60    N    N
XSP Championship A 3rd    Ian Elrick    70    N    N
XSP Championship A 2nd    Andrew Beattie    90    N    N
XSP Championship A winner    Joe Brown    120    N    Y x 1
XSP Championship B 5th    Mike Durno    50    N    N
XSP Championship B 4th    Jeff Smith    60    N    N
XSP Championship B 3rd    Tony Reynolds    70    N    N
XSP Championship B 2nd    Steven Fraser    90    N    N
XSP Championship B winner    Steven Christie    120    N    Y x 1
XSP Championship C 5th    Bob Bell    50    N    N
XSP Championship C 4th    Gary Prosser    60    N    N
XSP Championship C 3rd    David Christie    70    N    N
XSP Championship C 2nd    Craig Birnie    90    N    N
XSP Championship C winner    Ray Stuart    120    N    Y x 1
XSP Premier 2 8th    Jamie Ahern    50    N    N
XSP Premier 2 7th     Andy Pirie    55    N    N
XSP Premier 2 6th    Darren Smith    60    N    N
XSP Premier 2 5th    Findlay Anderson    70    N    N
XSP Premier 2 4th    Keith Davidson    75    N    N
XSP Premier 2 3rd    Alan Scott    90    N    N
XSP Premier 2 2nd    Tony McCallion    120    N    N
XSP Premier 2 winner    Craig Hay    220    N    Y x 1
XSP Premier 1 8th    George Morrison    50    N    N
XSP Premier 1 7th    Kev Coutts    55    N    N
XSP Premier 1 6th    Norman Fettes    65    N    N
XSP Premier 1 5th    John Falconer    75    N    N
XSP Premier 1 4th    Paul Slorach    75    N    N
XSP Premier 1 3rd    Nicky Duncan    110    N    N
XSP Premier 1 2nd    Kev McAlley    150    N    N
XSP Premier 1 winner    Cammy Morrison    290    N    Y x 1
Team Cup and League:                
3-Man Team semi finalists    Martin McIntosh / Tony McCallion / Craig Hay    25    N    N
3-Man Team semi finalists    John Falconer / Mike Clark / Willie Guyan    25    N    N
3-Man Team runners up    Alan Scott / Andy Gauld / Gary Thomson    50    N    Y x 3
3-Man Team winners    Kev Coutts / Norman Fettes / Richard Bruce    100    Y    Y x 3
The Murdos Quaich runners up    Bankhead Inn    60    N    N
The Murdos Quaich winners    Murdos A    120    Y    N
The White Horse Division 3 Cup runners up    White Horse A    50    N    N
The White Horse Division 3 Cup winners    Saltoun Arms A    100    Y    N
The White Horse Division 2 Cup runners up    Croft Tavern    50    N    N
The White Horse Division 2 Cup winners    Locker Room Randoms    100    Y    N
The White Horse Division 1 Cup runners up    Rileys Rumblers    50    N    N
The White Horse Division 1 Cup winners    Murdos A    100    Y    N
The Abbie Jamieson Memorial Cup runners up    Murdos A    60    N    N
The Abbie Jamieson Memorial Cup winners    Bankhead Inn    120    Y    N
The Gilcomston League Cup runners up    Bankhead Inn    60    N    N
The Gilcomston League Cup winners    Murdos A    120    Y    N
League Division 3 runners up    Byron    80    N    N
League Division 3 winners    Broadsword    160    Y    Y x 10
League Division 2 runners up    Locker Room    100    N    N
League Division 2 winners    Bankhead Inn    200    Y    Y x 10
League Division 1 runners up    Rileys Allstars    120    N    N
League Division 1 winners    Murdos A    240    Y    Y x 10
Doubles, Singles and Player of the Year:                
Pairs semi finalists    Norman Fettes / Steve Wilson    20    N    N
Pairs semi finalists    Richard Bruce / Darren Matthew    20    N    N
Pairs runners up    Simon Mitchell / Phil Craig Snr    50    N    Y x 2
Pairs winners    John Falconer / Mike Clark    100    Y    Y x 2
Scotch Doubles semi finalists    Euan Jessiman / Dave Wardleworth    25    N    N
Scotch Doubles semi finalists    Gave Anderson / Pitcher    25    N    N
Scotch Doubles runners up    Lindsay Ahern / Ray Stuart    50    N    Y x 2
Scotch Doubles winners    Willie Guyan / Simon Mitchell    100    Y    Y x 2
Doubles semi finalists    Annal / Kev Coutts    30    N    N
Doubles semi finalists    Reid / Steve Wilson    30    N    N
Doubles runners up    Kev McAlley / Ray Stuart    60    N    Y x 2
Doubles winners    Craig Hay / Martin McIntosh    120    Y    Y x 2
The Mike McBain Senior Singles semi finalist    George Morrison    20    N    N
The Mike McBain Senior Singles semi finalist    Craig Hay    20    N    N
The Mike McBain Senior Singles runner up    Ray Stuart    40    N    Y x 1
The Mike McBain Senior Singles winner    Phil Craig Snr    80    Y    Y x 1
Division 3 Singles semi finalist    Denny Bruce    20    N    N
Division 3 Singles semi finalist    Raymond Kinnaird    20    N    N
Division 3 Singles runner up    Joe Brown    40    N    Y x 1
Division 3 Singles winner    Adam McKenzie    80    Y    Y x 1
Division 2 Singles semi finalist    Lindsay Ahern    25    N    N
Division 2 Singles semi finalist    Richard Bruce    25    N    N
Division 2 Singles runner up    Kev Coutts    50    N    Y x 1
Division 2 Singles winner    Ray Stuart    100    Y    Y x 1
Division 1 Singles semi finalist    Martin McIntosh    30    N    N
Division 1 Singles semi finalist    Andy Gray    30    N    N
Division 1 Singles runner up    Pat McCarron    60    N    Y x 1
Division 1 Singles winner    Darren Matthew    120    Y    Y x 1
Aberdeen Masters semi finalist    Euan Jessiman    40    N    N
Aberdeen Masters semi finalist    Kev McAlley    40    N    N
Aberdeen Masters runner up    Mike Clark    80    N    Y x 1
Aberdeen Masters winner    Richard Bruce    160    Y    Y x 1
Ladies Singles runner up    Janey Scott    10    N    Y x 1
Ladies Singles winner    Emma Raeburn    20    Y    Y x 1
XSP Superleague 8th    Phil Craig Snr    60    N    N
XSP Superleague 7th    Dave Wardleworth    70    N    N
XSP Superleague 6th    Graeme Cusine    80    N    N
XSP Superleague 5th    Simon Mitchell    90    N    N
XSP Superleague 4th    Andy Reid    100    N    N
XSP Superleague 3rd    Pat McCarron    140    N    N
XSP Superleague 2nd    Martin McIntosh    220    N    N
XSP Superleague winner    Darren Matthew    450    Y    Y x 1
Aberdeen Singles semi finalist    Joe Brown    40    N    N
Aberdeen Singles semi finalist    Ray Stuart    40    N    N
Aberdeen Singles runner up    Darren Matthew    90    N    Y x 1
Aberdeen Singles winner    Mike Clark    180    Y    Y x 1
2015/16 Division 3 Player of the Year    Andy Reid    40    N    Y x 1
2015/16 Division 2 Player of the Year    Ray Stuart    65    N    Y x 1
2015/16 Division 1 Player of the Year    Darren Matthew    140    N    Y x 1

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Just popping in
Joined: 06-Dec-2016
Posts: 1
From: vauxhell

ukraine    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-12-07 09:32

Thanks for the information you share and this is great actually, there was 20% discount also.

Thanks & Regards
Sarang Kaith
Theappsmiths Reviews

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