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Aberdeen Singles
Topic: Aberdeen Singles 2015/2016

Moderated By: ChrisL, a_j_scott
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Author Aberdeen Singles 2015/2016

Home away from home
Joined: 07-Jan-2005
Posts: 2110
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2015-10-19 17:32

Aberdeen Singles Draw and Link:

Pre Lim Round - 10th November, can play ties early by mutual agreement

Last 64 Round - 22nd December, Again, can play ties early by mutual agreement, (if away for xmas before this date and need to postpone til New Year, make sure you contact your opponent to arrange, if you don't, it may go down as a default loss)

Finals Day - Saturday 28th May at Rileys



ADPL Match Secretary

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Home away from home
Joined: 07-Jan-2005
Posts: 2110
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2015-10-29 17:14

Aberdeen Singles - Pre Lim Round, Fixtures Tuesday 10th November

All matches at 7:30pm unless otherwise arranged. Matches to be played at venues in brackets. I have posted a direct link at bottom of this post.

All matches best of 7 frames, all results to 07776337137 or leagueresults@gmail.com

Aaron Greig (Rileys) v Graham Sinclair
Adam Murray (Murdo's) v Kev McAlley
Alan Cameron (Locker Room) v Jeff Smith
Andy Pirie (Rileys) v Steve Russell
Bob Brown (Rileys) v Alan Sherriffs
Brian Webster (Broadsword) v Lee Cruickshank
Cammy Morrison (Greentree's) v Ian Daniel - POSTPONED
Chris Clark (Fountain) v Colin Morrison
Craig Anderson (Byron) v Darren Matthew
Craig Malcolm (Auchmill Golf Club) v George Henderson
Dave Richie (Rileys) v Euan Jessiman
Dave Wardleworth (Cafe Dag) v Norman Fettes
David Martin (Locker Room) v Alan Scott - POSTPONED
Denny Bruce (Broadsword) v Neil Munro
Findlay Anderson (Rileys) v Mikey Annal
Gary Prosser (Cove Bay Hotel) v Steven Fraser
Gary Thomson (Greentree's) v Scott Lowe
Ian Elrick (Northern Hotel) v John Hay
John Cheyne (Neptune) v Iain Hadden
John McKay (Neptune) v Chris Lawrie
Kev Coutts (Bankhead Inn) v Darren Smith
Mark Henderson (Butchers Arms) v Kevin Daglish
Martin Campbell (Broadsword) v Lindsay Ahern
Martin McIntosh (Murdo's) v Adam Isted
Michael Rennie (Holburn Bar) v Paul Reid
Mike Clark (Bankhead Inn) v Steve Allan
Nicky Duncan (Broadsword) v Steve Sharp
Norman McKay (Murdo's) v Fraser Benzie
Paul Anderson (Rileys) v Craig Hay
Paul Harkness (Rileys) v David McNair
Paul Simpson (Cafe Dag) v Bobby Hutchison
Peter Gray (Neptune) v John Falconer
Phil Craig Snr (Cafe Dag) v Gordon Reid
Ray Stuart (Bankhead Inn) v Ewan Marshall
Richard Bruce (Bankhead Inn) v Michael Kelly
Scott Hutchison (Abercrombie Bar) v Philip Craig Jnr
Simon Mitchell (Rileys) v Arran Kean
Stephen Webster (Sportsmans Club) v Sandy Duncanson
Steven Wilson (Holburn Bar) v Neil Sutherland
Stevie Connery (Abercrombie Bar) v Phil Meres
Stuart Scott (Cafe Dag) v Andrew Reid

For players contact details to play game in advance of 10th November go to adpl website and on main menu (left hand side of screen) click on ADPL Contacts. If having any trouble finding numbers, feel free to send me a private message.

Link to the Aberdeen Singles Page: http://aberdeenpool.leaguerepublic.com/l/fg/2_615073910.html

ADPL Match Secretary

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Home away from home
Joined: 07-Jan-2005
Posts: 2110
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2015-12-08 17:57

Aberdeen Singles - Last 64, Ties to be played on 22nd December 2015.

Matches to be played from 7:30pm at venues in brackets, matches are still best of 7 frames on 22nd December.

As usual, all results to 07776337137

Adam Murray (Murdo's) v David McNair
Alan Scott (Greentree's) v Richard Bruce
Andy Pirie (Rileys) v Pat McCarron
Bob Bell (Holburn) v Jeff Smith
Bob Brown (Rileys) v Neil Sutherland
Bobby Hutchison (Rileys) v Fraser Allan
Cameron Gunn (Bankhead Inn) v Jordan MacDonald
Craig Hay (Murdo's) v John McKay
Craig Malcolm (Auchmill Golf Club) v Iain Hadden
Dave Wardleworth (Cafe Dag) v Ross Davis
Euan Jessiman (Cafe Dag) v Martin McIntosh
Fraser Benzie (Rileys) v Gary Thomson
Graham Sinclair (Croft Tavern) v Phil Meres
Ian Daniel (Rileys) v Mikey Annal
Jamie Dines (Holburn) v Mark Shevill
John Falconer (Rileys) v Simon Mitchell
John Hay (Rileys) v Grant Turnbull
John Morrison (Neptune) v Craig Lawrence
Kev Coutts (Bankhead Inn) v Kev Daglish
Lee Cruickshank (Gilcomston) v Darren Matthew
Mike Clark (Bankhead Inn) v Lindsay Ahern
Neil Munro (Abercrombie) v Colin Morrison
Paul Reid (Locker Room) v Dave Mason
Phil Craig Snr (Cafe Dag) v Andy Gray
Phil Craig Jnr (Murdo's) v Steven Fraser
Scott Duncan (Caledon) v Les Anderson
Stephen Bremner (Holburn) v Kieran Magee
Stephen Webster (Sportsmans Club) v Andrew Reid
Steven Sharp (Sportsmans Club) v Gavin Anderson

Matches may be played earlier by mutual agreement, any postponements, let me know so I can make a note..

Good Luck to all players.

ADPL Match Secretary

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Home away from home
Joined: 07-Nov-2009
Posts: 373
From: Aberdeen

scotland    avatar

posticon   Posted: 2016-05-19 12:26

Finals day is on the 28th May at Riley's, with a 12.30 start.

Please ensure postponed matches are played ASAP.

Last 32:

Kev Coutts v Paul Reid
John McKay v Fraser Allan
John Falconer v Ian Daniel / Mikey Annal
Ray Stuart v Jeff Smith
Richard Bruce v Neil Munro
Darren Matthew v Andrew Reid
Craig Malcolm v Grant Turnbull
Gavin Anderson v Bob Brown
Gary Thomson v Pat McCarron
Graham Sinclair v Andy Gray
Mike Clark v David McNair
Phillip Craig Jnr v Euan Jessiman
Ross Davis v Cameron Gunn (TBC)
Scott Duncan / Les Anderson v Jamie Dines
Joe Brown v John Lamond (Withdrawn)
John Morrison v Stephen Bremner / Kieren McGee

[ This message was edited by: FarleysAngel on 2016-05-20 12:38 ]

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