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All matches must be played by the deadlines below. Matches can be arranged before the deadline on agreement of both players, otherwise they should be played on the date provided. All matches are played at the home players venue until the Finals Day where the Last 16, Quarters, Semis and Final shall all be played on the same night and the same venue. If there are circumstances which prevent the game going ahead, an ADPL committee member must be informed. All results to be phoned in to Match Secetary Donald McLeod on 01224 323423 on the night of the match except on Finals Night. If these rules are not followed, players may be disqualified.

Team Abbreviations - Abbot(Abb), Ambassador(Amb), Athenauem(Ath), Auchmill GC(AGC), Auchmill Inn(Auch), Belmont(Bel), Black Dog(Dog), Brig O Dee(Dee), Brigg Inn(Brigg), Broadhill(Bhill), Broadsword(Sword), Butchers Bar (Butch), Byron(Byron), Caledon A(Cal A), Caledon B(Cal B), Central(Cen), Coopers(Coop), Copper Beech(Copper), Cove Bay Hotel(CBH), Crows Nest(Nest), Cutters Wharf(Wharf), Don View(Don), Ferryhill A(Fer A), Ferryhill B(Fer B), Fountain(Foun), Gilcomston(Gil), Glenburn(Glenb), Grampian(Gramp), Holburn(Hol), Lochside(Loc), Murdos(Mur), Neptune(Nep), Northern Hotel(NH), Rileys A (Ril A), Rileys B (Ril B), Rosebowl(Rose), Royals(Roy), Scots Bar(Scot), Spiders Web(Web), Star & Garter(Star), Sunnybank(Sunny), Three Lums(Lums), Transport(Tran), Waterfront (Wat), White Cockade(WC), White Horse(WH).

Current Aberdeen Singles champion is shown in bold.

PRELIMINARY ROUND - Best of 5 - To be played on or before Tuesday 25 November 2004

Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
1D Wilson (NH)1-3K Clayton (CBH)
2D Milne (Loc)3-0C Robertson Snr (Cal A)
3I Elrick (NH)1-3D McLeod (Gil)
4J Russell (CBH)1-3P Slorach (Web)
5J Morrison (Nep)3-0A Rough (Gil)
6L Taylor (AGC)2-3R Gilmour (Dog)
7D Hutchinson (Dog)0-3P Dowbekin (Lums)
8W Guyan (Loc)3-0A Murray (NH)
9P Craig Snr (Cal A)3-0D Young (Gramp)
10T Sellar (WH)2-3K Milne (Abb)
11C Burness (Web)0-3M McIntosh (Cal A)
12S Croll (Mur)3-2P Malcom (Ath)
13C Lawrie (Web)3-1B Fraser (Glenb)
14D Scott (Hol)3-0M Gordon (CBH)
15S Cameron (Glenb)3-0D Logan (AGC)
16M Kane (Gil)1-3N Duncan (Hol)
17S McGregor (Web)3-2R Tully (Amb)
18I MacNaughton (Auch)2-3K Greig (Auch)
19T Santon (Amb)0-3D Eatough (Sword)
20S McGonagle (Gil)3-0N McDonald (Web)
21D Hearns (Gil)3-0N Kidd (Web)
22C McPetrie (Fer A)1-3I Stuart (Dog)
23C Morrison (NH)1-3S Thomson (Gil)
24L Greenhowe (Don)3-0A MacKay (Web)
25T O?Rourke (Foun)2-3D Maxfield (NH)
26P Cruickshank (Auch)0-3J Watt (Ath)
27G Lloyd (Web)3-0M Downie (CBH)
28A Falkiner (Lums)3-2D Stokes (Auch)
29D Greig (Loc)2-3P Reid (Sword)
30S Williams (Scot)0-3D Esson (Hol)
31C Milne (Abb)0-3S Duncan (Web)
32J Urquhart (Sword)3-0S Cowieson (WH)
33A Beattie (Bel)0-3B McIntosh (AGC)
34J Lilley (Scot)2-3L Craig (Coop)
35G Milne (Coop)3-1A Lyon (AGC)
36G Reid (Dog)3-1M Gibson (Coop)
37P Stewart (Lums)3-0P Campbell (Auch)
38W Wilson (Don)3-0J Coltart (Web)
39R Gibbon (Dee)1-3N Smith (WH)
40A Reid Snr (Sword)3-2J Pollock (Dee)
41G Gilmour (Don)3-1A Scott (Don)
42P Boyce (Wharf)0-3G Turnbull (Wharf)
43J Grant (Web)0-3J Cox (Fer A)
44J Donald (Fer A)2-3G Cameron (Dog)
45S Mitchell (Web)3-0D Singer (Glenb)
46P McCarron (Coop)3-0M Gravener (Loc)
47D Gordon (Web)0-3S Cooper (Amb)
48J Turner (Dog)3-2S Duncan (Copper)

LAST 128 - Best of 5 - To be played on or before Thursday 23 December 2004

Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
49K Clayton (CBH)1-3D Milne (Loc)
50D McLeod (Gil)0-3P Slorach (Web)
51J Morrison (Nep)1-3R Gilmour (Dog)
52P Dowbekin (Lums)1-3W Guyan (Loc)
53P Craig Snr (Cal A)3-1K Milne (Abb)
54M McIntosh (Cal A)3-1S Croll (Mur)
55C Lawrie (Web)2-3D Scott (Hol)
56S Cameron (Glenb)0-3N Duncan (Hol)
57S McGregor (Web)3-0K Greig (Auch)
58D Eatough (Sword)1-3S McGonagle (Gil)
59D Hearns (Gil)0-3I Stuart (Dog)
60S Thomson (Gil)3-1L Greenhowe (Don)
61D Maxfield (NH)3-0J Watt (Ath)
62G Lloyd (Web)2-3A Falkiner (Lums)
63P Reid (Sword)2-3D Esson (Hol)
64S Duncan (Web)3-1J Urquhart (Sword)
65B McIntosh (AGC)1-3L Craig (Coop)
66G Milne (Coop)3-2G Reid (Dog)
67P Stewart (Lums)3-1W Wilson (Donv)
68N Smith (WH)1-3A Reid Snr (Sword)
69G Gilmour (Don)0-3G Turnbull (Wharf)
70J Cox (Fer A)3-0G Cameron (Dog)
71S Mitchell (Web)3-0P McCarron (Coop)
72S Cooper (Amb)2-3J Turner (Dog)
73S Duguid (Lums)3-1S Banks (NH)
74D Gault (Coop)0-3M Campbell (Dog)
75K Moir (Gil)1-3D Gibb (Sword)
76J Burnett (Coop)3-1S Stuart (Hol)
77G Rhind (Amb)3-2Mark Greig (Loc)
78A Reid Jnr (Sword)3-2G Stewart (Auch)
79W Kennedy (Foun)3-1G Stewart (Sword)
80M Clark (Loc)3-1D King (Dog)
81R Bruce (Hol)3-0M Snowie (Glenb)
82M Smith (Glenb)1-3N Masson (Scot)
83I Tulloch (Gil)0-3S Annal (Cal A)
84M Crighton (Amb)2-3S Keith (Dog)
85G Chalmers (Dee)1-3G Strachan (Gil)
86D MacGregor (Scot)3-2P Hay (WH)
87B Edmond (Loc)3-0K Henderson (Scot)
88M Smith (Cal A)1-3D Matthew (Hol)
89J Castillo (Copper)3-0S James (Hol)
90P Craig Jnr (Cal A)3-1D Russo (Lums)
91K Coutts (Cal A)3-0N Pickard (Loc)
92S Douglas (Hol)3-0G McQueen (Dee)
93J Duthie (Gil Bar)3-0J Hay (WH)
94G Robb (Amb)3-0R Moir (Auch)
95S Moir (Dog)3-0G McCann (Auch)
96G Henderson (Sword)1-3S MacKenzie (Auch)
97D Fernie (Bel)0-3Matt Greig (Loc)
98M McBain (Coop)1-3I Geddes (Dee)
99J Falconer (Cal A)1-3A Milne (Loc)
100M Smith (Auch)3-1J Thompson (Don)
101S Beattie (Copper)0-3R Edmonstone (Cal A)
102K McLaren (Dog)3-2W Sinclair (Don)
103D Hall (Sword)0-3J Usher (Glenb)
104B Somers (Scot)3-2T Kilpatrick (Dee)
105S Lowe (Sword)1-3I Middleton (Dee)
106R Stewart (Dee)1-3J Somers (Lums)
107T Russo (Lums)0-3B Peterkin (Dog)
108D Martin (Lums)3-2M Milligan (Nep)
109S Adams (AGC)2-3G Duncan (Don)
110M Oaten (Gil)3-0S Simmers (Coop)
111K Robertson (Auch)0-3S Craig (Cal A)
112T Cranton (Wharf)3-2M Dalgarno (Coop)

LAST 64 - Best of 5 - To be played on or before Thursday 3 February 2005

Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
113D Milne (Loc)3-0P Slorach (Web)
114R Gilmour (Dog)0-3W Guyan (Loc)
115P Craig Snr (Cal A)2-3M McIntosh (Cal A)
116D Scott (Hol)3-2N Duncan (Hol)
117S McGregor (Web)0-3S McGonagle (Gil)
118I Stuart (Dog)3-1S Thomson (Gil)
119D Maxfield (NH)3-2A Falkiner (Lums)
120D Esson (Hol)2-3S Duncan (Web)
121L Craig (Coop)3-0G Milne (Coop)
122P Stewart (Lums)3-1A Reid Snr (Sword)
123G Turnbull (Wharf)1-3J Cox (Fer A)
124S Mitchell (Web)2-3J Turner (Dog)
125S Duguid (Lums)2-3M Campbell (Dog)
126D Gibb (Sword)3-1J Burnett (Coop)
127G Rhind (Amb)0-3A Reid Jnr (Sword)
128W Kennedy (Foun)2-3M Clark (Loc)
129R Bruce (Hol)2-3N Masson (Scot)
130S Annal (Cal A)3-2S Keith (Dog)
131G Strachan (Gil)2-3D MacGregor (Scot)
132B Edmond (Loc)0-3D Matthew (Hol)
133J Castillo (Copper)3-1P Craig Jnr (Cal A)
134K Coutts (Cal A)3-0S Douglas (Hol)
135J Duthie (Gil Bar)1-3G Robb (Amb)
136S Moir (Dog)2-3S MacKenzie (Auch)
137Matt Greig (Loc)2-3I Geddes (Dee)
138A Milne (Loc)3-0M Smith (Auch)
139R Edmonstone (Cal A)3-1K McLaren (Dog)
140J Usher (Glenb)0-3B Somers (Scot)
141I Middleton (Dee)1-3J Somers (Lums)
142B Peterkin (Dog)2-3D Martin (Lums)
143G Duncan (Don)0-3M Oaten (Gil)
144S Craig (Cal A)1-3T Cranton (Wharf)

LAST 32 - Best of 5 - To be played on or before Thursday 3 March 2005

Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
145D Milne (Loc)3-0W Guyan (Loc)
146M McIntosh (Cal A)3-0D Scott (Hol)
147S McGonagle (Gil)3-0I Stuart (Dog)
148D Maxfield (NH)2-3S Duncan (Web)
149L Craig (Coop)3-0P Stewart (Lums)
150J Cox (Fer A)1-3J Turner (Dog)
151M Campbell (Dog)2-3D Gibb (Sword)
152A Reid Jnr (Sword)1-3M Clark (Loc)
153N Masson (Scot)2-3S Annal (Cal A)
154D MacGregor (Scot)0-3D Matthew (Hol)
155J Castillo (Copper)1-3K Coutts (Cal A)
156G Robb (Amb)0-3S MacKenzie (Auch)
157I Geddes (Dee)2-3A Milne (Loc)
158R Edmonstone (Cal A)3-2B Somers (Scot)
159J Somers (Lums)3-2D Martin (Lums)
160M Oaten (Gil)3-0T Cranton (Wharf)

FINALS DAY - To be played on Saturday 14 May 2005 at the Caledon, 12 for 12.30pm start

LAST 16 - Best of 7

Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
161D Milne (Loc)4-3M McIntosh (Cal A)
162S McGonagle (Gil)1-4S Duncan (Web)
163L Craig (Coop)4-2J Turner (Dog)
164D Gibb (Sword)0-4M Clark (Loc)
165S Annal (Cal A)3-4D Matthew (Hol)
166K Coutts (Cal A)4-1S MacKenzie (Auch)
167A Milne (Loc)4-2R Edmonstone (Cal A)
168J Somers (Lums)2-4M Oaten (Gil)


Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
169D Milne (Loc)4-1S Duncan (Web)
170L Craig (Coop)3-4M Clark (Loc)
171D Matthew (Hol)4-2K Coutts (Cal A)
172A Milne (Loc)3-4M Oaten (Gil)

SEMI FINALS - Best of 9

Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
173D Milne (Loc)5-3M Clark (Loc)
174D Matthew (Hol)5-2M Oaten (Gil)

FINAL - Best of 11

Match #Home PlayerScoreAway Player
175D Milne (Loc)4-6D Matthew (Hol)


PRIZE MONEY: Winner - ?300, Runner-Up - ?150, Semi-Finalists - ?75 (Total - ?600)

Trophies & prize money to be presented at the Smoker/Prize Giving night at the end of the season

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