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Archives: Tsunami Tournament a great success
 Posted on Sunday, February 06 2005 @ 18:42:26 GMTby adpladmin
National Pool News scottish8ball writes
Winner Billy Prentice with Tsunami Trophy

Sunday 30th January 2005 saw Scottish 8ball players converge upon Styx Pool Hall, Kirkcaldy to raise money for the Tsunami Appeal Fund. No prize money was on offer.... so all receipts went directly into the fund !

Forty-two players entered the main event pledging ?50 per head. Some were sponsored by businesses while others donated cash. And, in addition to raising a substantial sum for the Tsunami appeal, the events themselves were competitive, friendly and lots of fun. It also became an opportunity for players to make new acquaintances and to put often-heard names to faces in the Scottish 8ball community.

ADPL players Paul Slorach (PaulS), George Henderson (furrybeast) and Chris Lawrie (ChrisL) made the trip down to Kirkcaldy and enjoyed different fortunes.

The main event was a straight 'best of 9' knock-out tournament which continued for much of the day. There's a summary of that competition if you click 'read more...' below. The final itself was played out between the 'legendary' Kevin Treanor and Billy Prentice..... with Billy triumphing in a closely contested match...

It has to be said that Styx was again shown to be one of Scotland's premier pool venues with terrific facilities and an outstanding atmosphere.

There were various impromptu 'side bets' and donations which found their way into the appeal coffers and contributed to the overall fun of the event.
Frankie Kettles promised that if ?100 could be raised he would shave his head. Within a short time and ?237 later, he was bald.
Alan Higgins was presented with the Scottish8ball quiz prize which he promptly handed over to the appeal fund.
Thanks also to Tam McManus (that's 'talcumtam' of course) and Paul McMullen for their kind donations.
Running alongside the main event there were other competitions.
The 14-1 tourney was won by Euan Caithness with a score of 33. Euan is a staunch Raith Rovers fan and he was delighted to finally have something to cheer about.
10-Ball Crash was won by Alan Scott with an impressive 113.
Speed Pool Racing proved to be the top fun event with a gallery of onlookers for most of the day. Played on two tables, players raced to clear up before their opponent. It was certainly a crowd pleaser.
The eventual winner was Mark Wishart who even found time to demonstrate a few press ups during matches when his opponents were trailing.

Styx proprietor Mario Caira with Mike Keddie

Many thanks to sponsors ....

Styx Pool Hall
H2O Plumbing and Heating
Andrew Antenna Ltd
CML Web Design
Ritchie Builders
CJ?s Premier Pool
Flexel International
Rosyth Ex-servicemen's Club
John Clark Builders
Adamson Soft Drinks
R.Thomson, Builder
Harry Cameron, Rothes Oak
Paul Simpson, Builder
McGregor McMahon
Lawrie Annandale

Over the day over ?2,500 was raised.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to what was great entertainment.
It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The players were....

Alan Higgins, Alan Maxwell, Alan Robertson, Alan Scott, Alan Tasker, Andy Jannetta, Andy McEwan, Bill Hunter, Billy Phillips, Billy Prentice, Chris Lawrie, Chris Small, Chris Sweeney, Darren Hood, Davy Stuart, Derek Frail, Eddie Duncan, Euan Caithness, Gary Wallace, George Gardiner, George Henderson, Ivan Thompson, Jason Harley, Kevin Treanor, Mario Caira , Mark Wishart, Martin McGreskin, Matthew McGreskin, Mike Keddie, Mike Pratt, Paul McGowan, Paul Simpson, Paul Slorach, Rab Downie, Rab Ritchie, Scott Adamson, Scott Kennedy, Shaun Wishart, Stevie Gilchrist, Stuart Adamson, Stuart Archibald and Wayne Curran.

Again, thank you for your support !

The Main Event :
The KO tournament had a great mix of players.... with some coming out of retirement just for this event!

In 'round 1' Martin McGreskin was drawn against fellow SPA player and Scottish internationalist Alan Maxwell. Both struggled at first to get to grips with the fast cloth, but Martin made the most of his chances as he raced to a 5-1 victory.
Gary Wallace played Alan Robertson.
Alan was another who was surprised at the 'speed' of the cloth as he lost 5-0.
George Gardiner and Mike Keddie were next. Mike under-estimated George who didn?t miss much and defeated Mike 5-2.
Chris 'not the snooker player' Small had a good comeback in his match with Alan Higgins. But after a miss on the black in the decider, Alan cleared the table to take victory.
Scott 'fudger' Kennedy and Ivan Thompson were drawn together. Ivan continued his recent run of good form to win 5-2 and never looked like losing.
Ex-snooker and billiards player Paul McGowan met another 'out of retirement' player in the form of Mike Pratt.
With a bit of heckling from the crowd, both players struggled with their game, but Paul ran out a 5-3 winner.
Former SEPF 'number one' Rab Ritchie was drawn against up-and-coming youngster Shaun Wishart. But he showed no mercy. Rab won 5-1.

Rab Downie

Stuart Archibald played the topless Rab Downie. Rab was playing bare-back. His shirt having been bought 'off his back' and the receipts donated to the fund.
This apparently affected Rab's game as he failed to win a frame.
Stuart Adamson played Andy McEwan. Andy didn?t miss much as he won 5-2. Next up was Andy Jannetta versus Paul Simpson. The online bookie had quoted odds of 5-1 against Andy winning a match. No bets were placed, not even from Andy himself, which left him kicking himself as he ended the match winning 5-4.
The last encounter in the first round saw Styx owner Mario Caira play another youngster, Jason Harley. Mario may have taken Jason a little too lightly at first and it almost cost him the match, but he hung on for a 5-4 victory.

Andrew 'LegendsNo1' Jannetta

The first match in 'round 2' featured a player many had come to see.
Kevin Treanor is a past World Champion, has won numerous titles and is considered to be one of the best players to have picked up a pool cue.

Kevin Treanor with Martin McGreskin

This was Kevin's first competitive tournament in seven years, but when you possess such natural ability and class.... you never lose it !
His unfortunate opponent was Martin McGreskin, who missed only a couple of pots, but still succumbed to a 5-0 defeat.
Gary Wallace met youngster Darren Hood. Gary was playing well and won 5-0 in quick time.
George Gardiner was up against another form player in the shape of Mark Wishart. Both played well but Mark edged it in the last frame.
Local rivals Davy 'won't pot' Stuart and Alan Higgins next. Alan was too hot for Davy who was unable to adopt his usual style and was quickly brushed aside 5-0.
Doubles partners Chris Sweeney and Ivan Thompson were drawn as opponents. Chris clinched the match 5-2.
Paul McGowan and Billy Phillips played a tactical match but Paul proved to be the better on the day with the score 5-3.
Eddie Duncan and Wayne Curran, with lots of additional pressure on Wayne following a recent challenge between the pair. The pressure appeared to be too much and Eddie won 5-3.
Rab Ritchie beat Scott Adamson. Rab fought back from 3-1 down to take the match on the deciding frame.

Billy Phillips, Billy Prentice
and Derek Frail

Alan Tasker received a bye when his opponent failed to show up.
Stuart Archibald and Paul Slorach played in a match where both struggled to find form. Stuart won through in a game which always looked like going to a decider.
Derek Frail was up against his bogie player, Bill 'the ghost' Hunter. In a lengthy 'near-death experience' Derek finally triumphed. Score, 5-2.
In sharp contrast, Billy Prentice and Andy McEwan were on, and quickly off, as Billy raced at record speed to an impressive 5-0 victory.
Euan Caithness defeated George 'furrybeast' Henderson. George had travelled from Aberdeen with Chris Lawrie for this event. George was another player who expressed surprise at the fast surface. Euan won 5-1.
Andy Jannetta and Alan Scott played out a match in which Andy didn?t get going. Alan won 5-1.
Matthew McGreskin met Chris Lawrie. Chris played well and won 5-1.
Again Mario Caira almost lost, this time to Stevie Gilchrist..... but won through on a deciding frame.

Chris Sweeney at the table

Down to the last 16 and some interesting matches were anticipated.
Kevin Treanor played Gary Wallace. Gary squandered an easy finish to take a 4-1 lead. Kevin then stepped up a gear to take the next 4 frames.
Mark Wishart defeated Alan Higgins with a 5-2 scoreline.
Chris Sweeney continued to play well as he saw off Paul McGowan 5-2.
Eddie Duncan didn?t get many chances against Rab Ritchie as Rab won 5-1.
Alan Tasker was playing in his first match, but 'the beer' was taking effect by this time and Stuart Archibald was victorious. 5-1.
Ex-doubles partners Derek Frail and Billy Prentice played a close match with Billy having something to prove as he had lost their previous 2 meetings by a large margin. At one stage Derek was 4-2 up but Billy took out some quality finishes and triumphed 5-4.
The next match was close as local team mates Euan Caithness and Alan Scott were paired together. Alan had a couple of chances to take the match but Euan battled on for a 5-4 victory.
Mario Caira?s tournament came to end in the last match of the round as Chris Lawrie continued to excel with a 5-2 win.

The quarter-finals caught the interest of players and public alike as Kevin Treanor and Mark Wishart went to the table. Mark had very few chances as Kevin potted well and won 5-2.
Chris Sweeney and Rab Ritchie were next. This match had a bit of an edge with both players trying to 'talk' the other off the table.
With the lead going back and forth, the match went to a decider. Rab broke, thinking it was his turn. It was not. So after a brief 'discussion' they agreed to toss a coin. Chris won the toss, broke and went in off. Much to Rab?s delight! But Rab failed to finish and Chris cleared up.
Stuart Archibald and Billy Prentice were not interested in a quick match this
time as they played out 9 frames. Stuart led 4-3 at one point and had great chances to finish the match but it was Billy who held his nerve to take the match 5-4.
And Chris Lawrie?s good run continued as he took his chances to defeat the in-form Euan Caithness and progress 5-1.

The semi-finals proved to be more one-sided than anyone had expected as Kevin Treanor reached the final by defeating Chris Sweeney 5-1. He was quickly joined by Billy Prentice. Billy ended Chris Lawrie's excellent run by the same margin.

An enthusiastic crowd watched the final.
Many may have expected this to be one-way traffic, but Billy wasn?t prepared to let Kevin have it all his own way.
Billy won the first frame after a fine finish. Kevin replied positively in the next.
The next two were shared.... and by this time there were more spectators.
Billy took frame five with another sound finish and Kevin the sixth, from the break, to level the match.
Down to the best of three. Kevin had first chance, but missed an opportunity to put pressure on Billy who stepped up and cleared the table.
In the next frame Billy had an opportunity to finish but an unfortunate kiss directed the cue ball into a pocket.
Kevin cleared to take the tournament to a one frame decider.
Billy won the final toss and after the break looked to be in control. But with some first class potting Kevin fought his way back and appeared to have the upper hand. Even more so when Billy failed to play safe out of a snooker.

Billy Prentice with Tsunami Trophy

So Kevin had the opportunity to clinch the match.
He potted competently and left a relatively easy black into the middle pocket. It was perhaps the only shot he had rushed all day.
The black struck the knuckle and landed safely against a cushion..... or many of those watching thought it was safe! Billy had 3 reds and the black to take the title.
He attempted to open up the black with his second last red but simply nudged it along a cushion. There was now no option for Billy but to attempt a risky double.
He played the black perfectly into the middle pocket to take the title in dramatic fashion.


  National Pool News


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